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Today's generation is an EV generation and carmakers are moving towards the electric car world.
Where other car logos are making more futuristic design leaving behind that tough looking and hungry lion look,  making more sophisticated body lang,  especially EVs have that type of design, the most.
But Audi don't want to leave that era behind and for that Audi messed up the future and the past in their fully mid size luxury SUV the Audi e-Tron.
Audi e Tron is a cuisine from future but have some salt of past. Audi made e-Tron on Audi Q5
platform so it you can see some Q5 elements.
The best thing or a party thing about e-Tron is its front grill which quite common thing on a car but it's not a normal thing in an EV.
So basically the job of e-Tron's grill is not the same to provide air to combustion chamber it's job is just cool the engine bay when it is necessary when not the flap of the grill remains close. Grill is bathed in chrome and give a nice as well as a different look to vehicle.

Hard work behind the headlamps by Audi, makes them more appealing and more attractive too. You get the extra LED fine lines which also increases the beauty of Audi's art.

It's a fully electric car so charging and it's range are most important factors. Audi packed e-Tron with lithium ion 95 kWh battery which results 328 kms in full charge. Charge e-Tron for 10 minutes and it will go up to 86 kms, Audi said this. You can also touch 200 km/h (top speed).

The another wow factor of this car is the rear view mirrors or should I say rear view cameras. So, e-Tron doesn't have that typical rear view mirror, it have cameras and the way Audi put those cameras is crazy. You get the screens inside the cabin which tells you what those  cameras are seeing (very cool)  but ya this cool element take some time to get used too.
This EV runs on insanely  big 21 inchers wheels and they are not only big they are also design for aerodynamic efficiency and appearance is overwhelming.
Dimensions of e-Tron are pretty similar to Q5 although it has been build on Q5 platform
Length 4,901mm
Width 1,935mm
Height 1,616mm
Wheelbase 2,928mm

Q5 dimension
Length 4,663mm
Width 1,893mm
Height 1,659mm

Time to find how it look from back and honestly speaking I'm excited to write about it's back because of tail lamps. Freaking awesome tail light (killed it). I love the way tail lights are not separated they are attached to each other with thin connection of light between them on the boot gate. The lights attract too much attention and why not it looks damn sexy. You can also see this artistic element in Audi A8 and in Audi A7 (2019). The back is also loaded with big diffuser and ya it's a SUV so rear wiper and shark fin antenna which make mind blowing EV SUV.

Now let's open the doors and feel the cabin. The cabin feel so premium and very comfortable and very luxurious too. For a moment just neglect other thing and focus on rear view mirror oh sorry rear view cams so you'll get screens for those cameras not a normal one a full hd touchscreen and cameras are also hd. You can adjust the view of cams by just a touch. Dashboard is loaded with screen, it get one infotainment screen,  one screen for AC and other settings,  one behind the four spoke steering wheel instrument cluster and two rear view cameras screens.
The dashboard is more driver concentrated means the centre console face driver not like other Audis which face straight out from rear wind screen. And the driver focused cabin looks great.

e-Tron get very interesting mode shifter it a big Audi type gear lever but that lever is fixed in e-Tron not like other Audis. In the corner of the lever it get button like something which changes the mode (R Reverse, N Neutral, D Drive, S Sports) and I don't know the how address it correctly.
Seats are extremely comfortable and cabin is very very spacious and practicality Audi didn't forget that.

Future and past you can see the perfect blend in Audi e-Tron...............

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