On road, Glanza | Carzz

The partnership results Glanza, the partnership of two big car maker Toyota and Maruti Suzuki. Glanza has been launched in India with 7.22-8.9 lakhs packet size.
Glanza is available in two variants one Is G and another one is V.
G variant ●1.2L K12N engine ●It serves 89 braking horse power  ●113 Nm of torque
V variant  ●1.2L K12M engine ●Generates 82BHP ●113Nm of torque

Talking about design, it  won't have that freshness what we try to find in a newly launched car because the same design body language we saw in Baleno.......ya we know that Glanza is a product Toyota and Maruti and it is based on Baleno but few cosmetic changes must be there.  Although car look beautiful because Baleno look stunning the design it has is great.  So not much about exterior because we are well introduced with Baleno.

Another disappointing thing, no changes were made in cabin, the dashboard look similar to Baleno's even the instrument cluster is same.  Meanwhile, seats offer nice comfort and leg room, kne…

Off roader Huracán, Steratto | Carzz

Steratto the new creation by Lamborghini,  Steratto gives you the freedom to take your Huracán offroad it means rock in mountains with your sexyyyyy Lambo.
So, basically the Steratto is a Huracán's offroad version. Lamborghini perfectly know what people want that's why they unvailed this beast, this is based on recently launched Huracán evo.
Heart of Steratto The heart of Steratto means the engine,  it is powered by Naturally Aspirated V10 5.2L engine which cooks 642bhp.
It is four wheel drive and aslo get torque vectoring and get modified suspension.

The look of the car is soooooo cool and very combative. The graphics it have is just imposing, it look like a mordern warrior,  mind boggling looks. It get roof mounted LED lights which is enough to make your eyes wider than normal and Steratto also comes with roof rail and it get two LED lights very close to Italian Bull (Lamborghini's logo). This is first time when world see these types of elements in Lamborghini.

It is al…

Its an Audi Q5 2.0 Quattro| carzz

Q5 is one of the most famous Sports Utility Vehicle manufactured by Audi. It is famous for its amenities, performance and sportiness.
The q5 is right now in its 2nd generation. Audi started its production in 2008 and 2016 was last year of Q5 first generation and 2nd generation came into existence in 2016 and right now it's keeop going.

So without wasting a single nano second, lets see Audi Q5 2.0 Quattro, what it can do.
Audi Q5 2.0 Quattro Engine  It is powered by 2.0L TDI diesel engine which serve 140 kW of horsepower at 3,800 rpm.
And torque of 400Nm @ 1,750 rpm.
Mileage is 17km/l fuel tank capacity 70L.
Audi Q5 2.0 Quattro Exterior As always its an Audi it means no compromise with  looks, it look very snazzy and brazen too like other Audi SUVs.
It get projector setup which is so powerfull at night and the LED DRLs make it more attractive. Typical Audi grill with 4 bangals and also decorated with Quattro badging over it and how we can forget chrome trend, the grill is surround…

Aston Martin's tribute to 007....

"On Her Majesty's Secret Services" the part of James Bond series released in 1969. The story is unforgettable it was just amazing. With such a great story and with beautiful Aston Martin DBS Superleggra it was one of favorite part of the James Bond series. In tribute to 007 Aston Martin collaborated with EON production . They launched the all new DBS Superleggra "OHMSS" Limited edition in respect of 007 and in happiness of  50th anniversary of "OHMSS". Aston Martin will only produce 50 units of this iconic car.

About it looks...... The car look soooo sexy and sooo sporty. It get signature Aston Martin grill and olive green colour is to replicate the 1969 DBS Superleggra. The exterior of the car is just amazing, the headlights are very stylish. The long bonnet make it more sporty and the curves are just outstanding.  The side profile of the car is so impressive, the length is mind blowing. It get big alloy wheels and the alloy design is overwhelming. …

MG unvailed its Hector, launch in june this year.

Hello MG.....

Indian automobile market saw new product which will join other products in june 2019 probably 6 june.
The MG Hector unvailed, and without cover its sportiness, sharp lines and insane amount of hardwork came in front of India.
This SUV is so premium and offer good amount of punch and comfort. The design is so impressive and very aggressive too.

Exterior of MG Hector  The font face of the car look so interesting. The projector setup is very  nice and this kind or headlight setup style you can also see in  Hyundai Venue's headlamps. DRLs are close to hood and the headlight are close to the front diffuser (not too close). But it looks phenomenal.  The large grill with chrome fashion over it, which look quite cool.  Moving to the side profile of the car the length is just fab. The alloy wheels add sportiness massively. Doors are very large it means entry is like king. Windows are very large feeling of claustrophobic is not the case at all.  The back face of the car ends t…

Very soon Honda HR-V in India.

After CR-V, WR-V and BR-V Honda will launch its masterpiece HR-V in last months of  2019. This Japanese car comes with sporty look, aggressive performance and well known Honda comfort.
India is a nation of SUVs people love them most.  The market of SUVs are very hot throughout the country. So, in this hot market honda also want to serve HR-V to Indians.

HR-V's biggest rival will be Creta, Captur, Hexa and XUV500 and everybody knows that these cars are very famous and very lovable cars in India. It means HR-V have to work hard to survive in this competition.

The pictures of HR-V tells us that, this Japanese crossover SUV looks stunning and very very aggressive. It get that typical Honda chrome bar its grill.

It will comes with.....

ABS EBDApple carplayAndroid autoFrontal Airbags and side airbags Rear airbags Mirror linkLED DRLsLED headlightsPower steering Steering mounted buttens Cruise controlParking cameraParking sensorsBig Infotainment screen Keyless entryBrake assistTraction co…

Cute hatch launched in India, Mini John Cooper Works...

A new track lover hatch launched in India. 2.0L 4-cylinder petrol engine serve 228 BHP and 320 Nm of torque. Reachs 100km/h from 0 in just 6.1 seconds.
BMW group, Mini launched new hatch in India known by Mini John Cooper Works in short Mini JCW.

The design language is not much changed look almost similar to other Minis. It is a 3-door car. The front face of the car have signature headlamps and signature grill not much changed. The car look cute and sporty too.
Rear face of the car get stylish tail lamps. The dual exhaust add sportiness massively.
Mini JCW was not manufactured in India it is a pure CBU.
CBU stands for Completely Build Up which means car is imported form its origin to other countries.
Length→ 3,874mm
Height→ 1,414mm
Width→ 1,932mm
Wheelbase→ 2,495mm

Mini homeworked hard and improved its damper amd suspension. This Cooper comes with eight speed sport steptronic automatic transmission.
Steptronic transmission which allows you to choose between automatic or manual transm…

Limited Plus 4×4 talking about ........JEEP COMPASS

Jeep Compass 4×4 Limited plus standing outside in harsh sun spreading its hotness, showing its sporty curves, aggressive personality and ready to burn the roads. The curves slides and melts at the end of the car and gives a killing look to it.

Turbocharged diesel 4 cylinder inline engine produces 171 Breaking Horse Power(BHP) at 3750 rpm and torque of 350Nm at 1750rpm, 1956cc engine pulls strong although it's a SUV.

The limited plus offer 6 speed manual gearbox. Fill it's belly by 60L diesel (fuel tank capacity) and Compass gives you 17.1km in one litre (17.1kmpl). And badging of 4×4 screams AWD. It not all about looks its also about power.

The red compass comes out with amazing lines and show itself gracefully.....
The front profile of the compass looks amazing with its signature grill it appears boxy and bold. The head lamps work supremely well at dark and the DRLs and the fog lamps are also cool. It has rain sensing wipers which cleans the screen sooo fast and whenever…

Amazing Audi Q3 35 TDI Quattro.

Audi Q3 a well known name in the world of SUV and establishment of this name is by its performance, comfort it offers and the sharp curves.
Q3 born in 2011 and nowadays it is in its second generation. This sub compact luxury crossover SUV comes with AWD and FWD.
Audi Q3 35 TDI Quattro 35TDI is a powerfull engine which push hard and fast and the comfort level is on its peak.

Exterior The car look so appealing, so stylish and the curves and the lines are just amazing. Talking about the front face of the car, it look interesting and sporty too, the projector setup with DRLs work nicely at night and fog lamps are not LED but works well. The big typical grill with special four rings and Quattro badging over it. Wipers works well cleans the screen so quick.  Side profile of the car is very impressive because length is the party trick, doors are very large but the wheels are not an alloy in this variety and the design could be better.

Back face of the Q3 look good and sporty as well the big t…

Sylphy in Shanghai Motor Show 2019......

Japanese carmaker Nissan unvailed their all new masterpiece in Shanghai Motor Show 2019 known by Sylphy.
Without wasting a single second lets talk about its looks because I'm so excited to write abot this because its exterior is freaking awesome. The cuts and the lines are just perfect which gives it very bold and stylish body language.

Front face of the car glance with typical Japanese car fashion which appears good, The thin headlights perform very well at night. The fog lamps are LED the grill not much changed similar to other Nissan members.  Side profile of Sylphy is good, the length is good enough, the doors are big and solid, windows are very large keep cabin always fresh and positive and the lin goes to the back carries the whole scenario perfectly. The wheels are big enough but design could be better. The back side of the car amazingly end ups the sportiness of the car.

Interior of the is full of comfort and luxury the premium build quality of dashboard and al whole cabi…

Hyundai unwrapped the Venue......

The Korean car maker, Hyundai unveiled it's new art, the Venue. On the day Venue also made its global debut. This compact SUV attracts lots of attention by its design.

The car is loaded with features and features and Hyundai's new Hyundai Blue Link. The exterior of the car  is quite impressive and the grill design is little bit fresh it look interesting and the chrome work over it make it more premium.
The projector headlight setup is just excellent  because it has separate place for blinkers, fog lamp and main headlight unit the thin blinkers make it very sporty and LED DRLs are also there.
Front diffuser give it very nice touch of aggressiveness. The side profile of  the car look full sporty and it is like the perfect SUV, the doors and windows are big enough. Roof rails around big electric sunroof which fresh the cabin sooooo fast. The diamond cut alloy wheels takes the momentum excellently.
Tail lamps are not much interesting to me but the cuts and curves are just fab. It…

New compact SUV coming to India, Volkswagen......

Volkswagen, German automaker turns its SUV's T-roc steering towards India. At the end of 2019 T roc will be in Indian market.
By first sight it look sooo sporty as SUV have to be...the second time its cuts came in front of my eyes.....third time the eye widening factor pulled my concentration and that factor was its wheels, low profile tires with stunning alloy cut add extra sportiness....and after that third sight its hard to remove face from It.

The interesting thing is that its enemies will be Indian's two favoriteSUVs the Mahindra XUV500 and Jeep Compass and these SUVs made their places in Indian market very well.
T-roc is build in Volkswagen MQB platform (Modularer Querbaukasten) also known as Modular Transverse Matrix Platform. Volkswagen invested 4,176,300,000,000 (omg) for the development of MQB platform.

Exicted to see T-roc over Indian roads

Safest SUV of India.....TATA Nexon

Nexon also known as India's safest SUV which earned 5 stars for safety by NCAP (New Car Assessment program). With its boxy body language Nexon stole many hearts. The performance of the car is very impressive. The curves of the car is just amazing it looks so good and the design is aerodynamic too.

Exterior of TATA Nexon..... Design of this SUV looks amazing and boxy too. The front face of the car is very aggressive which suits the whole body and also give a perfect look to Nexon.The projector setup works so good and clear the path in fractions of sec. And one the most attractive thing is those eye shaped DRLs wich appears phenomenal. But ya we were expecting a LED fog lamps. The big grill and air vents are perfectly placed. The side face of Nexon Is very good but It look sexy in dual tone colour scheme. The doors are large enough entry and exit is not a difficult task at all. Wheels are of perfect size SUV and the alloy designs are just perfect.  The back file of the is interesting…

Mercedes Benz GLS 350d 4 Matic review

Everybody knows that Mercedes is one of the best automobile brand in the world. Every single car of Mercedes is a piece of excellent work and excellent blend of luxuriousness and performance.
So just look at an amazing art of Mercedes know by the name of Mercedes Benz GLS 350d 4 matic. This seven seater car looks aggressive and sporty  too, defiantly.
Presence on the road us up to mark.

Mercedes Benz GLS 350d 4 matic .....exterior
The wow facto of the car is its size it is so big..... ●Lenght 5,130mm ●Width 2,141mm ●Height 1,850mm ●Wheelbase 3,075mm ●Boot space 650L ●20 inch wheels  By this dimension you can get bit about its massive size. The doors are large are very heavy although the heavy gates match the body.
At the front, grill looks sporty and premium and thar aluminum work over it make it more stylish. The eyes if the car are decent not much mind opening ny design but very powerful at night, with LED DRLs. The disappointing thing is that fake air vent under the headlamps. Diffu…

City VS Verna.......bring it on....

Although India is a SUV loving country but sedans have their special place in Indian heart and the two most famous and fab sedans are Honda City and Hyundai Verna. Both machines are loaded with comfort and amenities. The fight between these cars get height everyday because both brands work so hard for making them better and better.
The biggest confusion is which car is best and which should you buy? I'll try my level best to help you to make the best decision.

Honda City Production of City was started in 1981 and from 1981 this Japanese car experienced lots of changes. Generation by generation the single inch got changed. Now city is in its sixth generation and looks gorgeous . The element in the city which attracts me alot is its headlamps.  Sixty generation's facelift model was launched in 14/fab/2017. The faclift are loaded with front and tail LED lamps with DRLs and etc.
Hyundai Verna This Korean sedan rock the roads by its design and performance. Verna's body language…

Having a fastback exterior, Civic........

Honda fired up the market when Honda unvailed Civic. The Civic Is a mid size sedan Civic came to an existence in 1972 Honda never ever stop working on it. The improvements in generation to generation are massive and now  Civic is in its tenth generation. Now, this Japanese beauty look more aggressive, more sporty and more stylish.

The exterior of this machine is very cool and power pack and  the main wow factor is its fastback exterior. Now the question take its speed...... What is a fastback exterior?
So, the fastback exterior is, the roof line goes down continuously to the the back diffuser. And this look suits the Civic amazingly.

Tenth generation of Civic......
The 10th generation Civic  production started on 2016 and this generation is loaded with features. Like  ◆ Adaptive dampers..... The sensors scans the road and and make suspension soft or hard according to the road. ◆ Anti-roll bars..... The pads of rubber located next to suspension, it maintains the stability of…

Like Audi A6 RS....

Sedan is most beautiful member of cars family after super one. Sedan is a emotion of owner, sedan is a beautiful music of roads, its a beautiful piece of art, its a great think of a designer. Now the plant of questions start taking its height and one fruit of question fall down.

What sedan exactly is? So basically a sedan is a type of car which has a separate compartment or area you can say for luggage or separate boot space.

Few day back I just saw a sexy Audi A6RS and it had enough power to make me crazy.

Audi A6..... The Audi is a world famous well known German automaker. Audi A6 is one of the fabulous creativity of Audi designers. The Audi A6 now is in its 5th generation. The production of A6 was started in 1994. Its fifth generation was unveiled in 2018 Geneva Motor show. Now I met fourth generation so let's start the engine of Audi A6  fourth generation.
Productiom was started in 2011-2018. It was assembled in Germany, India and China and Indonesia and Russia. But the assemb…

The SUV which Blow's my mind! X5

One day when I was coming back to my home from school I saw one magnificent machine over the road. I walked around the car like a hungry beast because the car looks outstanding. I don't have a phone a that time because I am coming from school and schools and phones are the enemies meanwhile it a good thing because phone is one the biggest distraction on the other hand it is good also but right know keeping this all stuff aside and come back to the main point. So I had to click a photo with it so I started waiting for someone of my know list after couples of hour my friend came with his phone then I captured some beautiful moment ......see

Ya its me, looks doesn't matter, what matter is the was BMW X5 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

What make La Voiture Noire world's most expensive hyper car?

Bugatti again amaze the world with the help of it's new power pack creation. This creation just came to atmosphere at sold out. Hammering the suspense I am talking about all new, packed with power and absolutely stunning Bugatti La Voiture Noire. The Bugatti unveiled this car recenty in the biggest car event Geneva Motor Show 2019

Exterior of La Voiture Noire.... Car absolutely fabulous in terms of looks..... The design of the appears different from other Bugattis. The signature grill on the place the headlamps now changed not like other the horizontal arrangement of headlamps look more interesting to me compare to this one and that one which we saw in Divo it was wow......just wow. Ok, leaving other Bugattis inside their garage. Side profile of the Voiture is quite smooth you can say but it is phenomenal.
Back face of the car robbed every single attention through it's tail light and by it's exhaust, not one, not two its has six exhausts 😰. The tail light travels the who…

Geneva Motor Show 2019 ......part 2

Geneva International Motor Show was started in 1905, Switzerland.
And the running one is the 89th Geneva International Motor Show.

[More cars on Show]

The 1st part of the post covered only few cars.
So, try to go deep in the show.........

1\\ Ferrari F8 Tributo
The Ferrari also dominantly show its presence in showed with all new F8 Tributo with 3.9 twin turbocharged V8 engine which garnishs the car by 770Nm of torque and 710 horsepower.

2\\ Maserati Lavante Trofeo lunch edition 
The SUV are one of the main component of the show and the list of SUVs in the show is amazing and the list is incomplete with Maserati Lavente. The great car by its look, performance, comfort is unvail in Geneva with upgrade things, Maserati Lavente Trofeo lunch edition.

3\\ McLaren 
McLaren comes Switzerland with open roof McLaren 720s Spider.
The 4 litre twin turbo V8 engine serves 710 bhp and chase 124mph in just 7.9 seconds.

McLaren 600 LT Click here

4\\ Tata Motors 
Tata Motors joined the show with four cars