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Steratto the new creation by Lamborghini,  Steratto gives you the freedom to take your Huracán offroad it means rock in mountains with your sexyyyyy Lambo.
So, basically the Steratto is a Huracán's offroad version. Lamborghini perfectly know what people want that's why they unvailed this beast, this is based on recently launched Huracán evo.

Heart of Steratto

The heart of Steratto means the engine,  it is powered by Naturally Aspirated V10 5.2L engine which cooks 642bhp.
It is four wheel drive and aslo get torque vectoring and get modified suspension.

The look of the car is soooooo cool and very combative. The graphics it have is just imposing, it look like a mordern warrior,  mind boggling looks.
It get roof mounted LED lights which is enough to make your eyes wider than normal and Steratto also comes with roof rail and it get two LED lights very close to Italian Bull (Lamborghini's logo). This is first time when world see these types of elements in Lamborghini.

It is also loaded with skid plate in front and side skid plates. Comes with mud guard and that beautifull headlamps which you saw in Huracán. It will run in big 20 inch alloy wheels, with new suspension Steratto can increase its height by 47mm.

The back face of the car get those Lambo style glass panals engine cover and Lambo style tail lamps. It get big aluminum diffuser and dual exhaust about no. plate and 4.0 seat belts.

Take your sexy Italian Bull anywhere you want.......

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